One good thing

Inspired by the MTBoS (math twitter blog o sphere), I’ve decided to try this as well in my blog: I’m going to try to find one good thing to write about each day, as I feel it will be a useful way to think a bit more reflectively about the world and my interactions with it!

Today’s good things –

  1. I enjoyed a really nice dinner with some close friends who recently got engaged. Over Christmas my family make way too much food  and I managed to get a few leftovers sent my way! Thanks family!
  2. Walking to work and playing football – my other aim is to avoid driving to school as much as possible this term and so far so good!!
  3. I’ve finally set up my blog!



One comment

  1. Yay you!

    If you are interested, you can sign up to be a contributor on the one good thing blog (information is at the top of the blog!) and then when you write a “one good thing” post here, you can also copy and paste it in a post there… only if you’re interested. But we’d love to add you to the roster!



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